Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weather Haikus

We are currently reading about weather for our Language Arts unit. Either the kids have matured over winter break or they are truly interested in weather because my class has so many interesting questions and comments from our reading! Before, we would just zoom through our reading in our Big Book and the kids would have nothing to say. But now, there is always at least one hand raised after I read a page in the book!

Earlier this week, we read a poem called Listen to the Rain. My original idea for the follow-up activity was to do another mini-lesson on adjectives (since the last time we talked about adjectives was on Halloween) on rain. But then I wanted them to also do some writing too and somehow I ended up with the idea of creating weather haikus. We have never looked at haikus before so I had to introduce the 5-7-5 syllable rule to them. Came up with my own haikus to give the kids an example.

 This was definitely a challenge for some kids but overall, they had tons of fun writing their haikus. They were required to have a friend check their syllable count before they could bring their haiku to me to check. It was great seeing the students work together to double-check their work.

I am so proud of them! They did a good job! :)

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  1. I learned about haiku poems in 7th grade, so that is so wonderful, great job you guys!!!!! :)