Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oh no! I missed my Valentine's Day and Five for Friday post! I have an excuse though! Well, I was simply exhausted after Valentine's Day so didn't feel like blogging and thought I would wait until Friday. But then Friday, the boyfriend came over and my weekend vacation started so that blog post never happened. So here's a quick recap of what happened last week AND during the long weekend!

Valentine's Day overview:
Top Left: the goodies I gave my kiddos
Top Right: Valentine's Centers all morning
Bottom Left: Chocolates for the teacher!
Bottom Right: A rose from a student!
Love Butterfly!
We wrote about what love is. Thought this one was hilarious!
We also started creating our Lunar New Year art project to display at our school parade this week. Toilet paper tube snakes!

They turned out pretty cool huh! We will connect them this week!

And now...onto my weekend vacation! As a late Valentine celebration, we went on a short vacation to Santa Rosa, California, only a 1.5 hour drive away. A cute little place with a lot of things to do including...

Going on a Safari!!

A giraffe walked by us!

We got a close-up visit from some ostriches. 
Visiting the Charles Schulz Museum!!

This was created by a whole bunch of Peanuts comic strips!
Aaah!! So cute!!
Visiting the Pacific Coast Air Museum!!
This is one of the first responder jets when 9/11 happened.
One last place to mention is where we had breakfast...
Can you believe this food was cooked by teenage cooking apprentices?? Yep! We went to Worth Our Weight, a non-profit culinary apprentice program. They also don't charge you for the food, your payment is all donation based. A great cause that produces some delicious food! 

If you're ever in the Santa Rosa area, go check these places out! They are all worth it! :)

Okay, now that we're back on schedule I will hopefully be back on my regular blogging schedule too! What exactly is my regular blogging schedule?? Ha! :)

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