Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Week Over!

The first week of school is finally over!!!! For some reason this was one tiring week for everyone! This week was up and down and up and down, but we ended on a good note. A recap of some things that we did this week. 

We read First Grade Stinks! I introduced thinking maps to the kids and we created our first double bubble map comparing kindergarten and first grade.
We read David Goes to School and made a T-chart discussing some of the bad things David did in school and what he could do to improve next time.

And then we made...
Our very own Davids!!! 
All hung up in the classroom! :)
Got this wonderful activity from here. I had already cut out most of the parts for the kids. Left the shirt and shorts for them to cut out themselves. Gave them the parts, projected a picture of David on the elmo, and let the kids do the rest. I told them it was a test to see how they do with making their David look the same. And they did great! We did have some special ones though. :)

Look like we have a bear David here with the ears on top. :)
We also had our first birthday of the school month on Friday so we ended the day with a birthday celebration with some mini cupcakes. I'm so very glad that we have a long weekend because I could sure use the rest (aka time to prepare). I have finished putting my MONKEY (homework) folders together which I hope to share in my next entry. And now to creating my new job chart, preparing for Back to School Night, lesson planning, and cleaning up my place (and boy does it need cleaning)! :)

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