Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Blog Design!

So my original blog design has been bothering me for a while. Too simple, too plain, too boring! Seeing all the other cute teacher blogs out there made my blog look like nothing. So now that it's finally the weekend and I am feeling motivated, it's time to do some redesigning!

I am no expert at blog designing or any of that computer language needed to really cute-isfy things. But I did spend more time going through blogger's many templates and found something much much cuter. Also searched through some of the gagdets to some other things. Also, with the help of other resources like Teacher Blogging Basics, I added a cute little arrow on the bottom right corner of the window that will automatically bring you back to the top of the page. :)

Hopefully as I go along with this blogging journey, I'll learn more about blog designs and making this blog even cuter! But I am satisfied for now. :)

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