Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Introduction to Buddies - Intro Letter

Omg! A completely blog-worthy moment! I am SO proud of myself!! But first, a little background info. ..

My school is using the Caring Schools Community program to develop and promote positive social-emotional skills within our students. Part of the program requires grade-levels to buddy up with other grade-levels so that the kids can get a chance to interact with children of other ages. Buddy classes meet up every week and do a variety of activities -- some academic, some fun, and some a mixture of both.

This year, my first grade Marvelous Monkeys will be buddy class with our neighbor, the fifth graders! I met with our buddy teacher after school today to pair up our students and plan for our first buddy session next week. We decided to have our students write letters to their buddies before we meet and then have the kids read their letters to each other. We decided on four types of things they would share with their buddies which would be used in their follow-up activity. The four things were: favorite foods, favorite hobbies, what they want to grow up to be, and what they want to do with their buddies. Of course, this is a LOT of things for little first graders (who really are still kindergarteners) to write so I decided to help them by creating a letter template which just has them listing all the things listed above.

And that is exactly what makes this blog-worthy! I have been so inspired by all the awesome products I have seen other teachers posting online. Secretly, I'm envious of them because I wish I could have the creative juices to make such cute and awesome worksheets and lessons. Well, I guess hard work pays off. Here is the buddy letter I created!

If you want to use this in your classroom, you are free to download it here!  If you do download it, please leave me a comment or some feedback. I would love to see some comments! :)

Can't wait to use my letter template tomorrow!


I decided to give it a go and display my first creation as a freebie on TBA Freebie Friday. Maybe this would help me get some followers. :)

Freebie Fridays

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