Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TBA Open House Week: Tuesday - Classroom Photos

What a crazy start to the week, so glad it's a short one! However, it's Back to School Night tomorrow!!! Aaahh!! Spent my time after school today making my packets and putting up some student work and getting the classroom ready for Back to School Night, just in time for TBA's Open House week! So here it is! :)

First, first day of school pics...
My hallway bulletin board. Monkey theme this year. :)
My door bulletin.
View of the room from the back of the room. 
View of the classroom from the front of the room (taken the day before the first day of school).

My library/reading area.

The area behind my desk. Cal alum, here, go bears!

Trying out the idea (found on pinterest) of using book covers as chair pockets. Also helps me give my groups color names. :)

My three empty bulletin boards. I only have three bulletin boards and one white board (two combined together) in my classroom. Not a lot of board space, right? :(

Now, some Back to School preparation pictures...

Lucky me, this board has a pole going through it. 
My vocabulary board. 
Our "Concept/Question Board" (we use Open Court Reading). 
Our Davids! (read a little more here.)
Okie dokie. I should probably get ready for tomorrow. Back to School Night is always a bit nerve-wrecking. Good luck to me! :)


  1. I love your room, cute! What size book covers did you use for your chair pockets?


    1. Yay! My first comment!

      I am using the jumbo size book covers. :)