Sunday, March 3, 2013

8888 Pageviews and Another Linky!

So blogger tells me that this blog has had 8,888 pageviews! How cool! In the Chinese culture, 8 is a lucky number because it sounds the same as wealth in Chinese. So I guess this is a very lucky moment for me. Maybe it will help me gain more followers. :)

But I'm not just here to announce that! I was trying to catch up with all my teacher blog subscriptions and came upon this lovely linky party.

Fifth in the Middle is hosting a "linky party" on her blog! I guess you can say it's more like she's creating a database of all the blogs based on states. I think that is really cool because then I get to see what other bloggers are from the same state as me. If you want to be included or simply want to check out what other blogs on from your state, go check it out! :)

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