Thursday, March 7, 2013

Encouraging Others :)

Can I just say how much I enjoy this unit, "Keep Trying?" Today, we finished reading "The Kite", a Frog and Toad story. Basically Frog and Toad try to fly a kite but every method Toad is trying doesn't seem to work because the kite just falls to the ground. There are some robins who are watching and keep discouraging Toad with some not so nice words and make him want to give up. But Frog continues to encourage Toad to keep trying and finally after the fourth attempt, Toad is able to get the kite up and flying. Hooray!

After reading the story, we talked about why this story was selected to be a part of our unit. Then we talked about what lesson could be learned from the story. They were all good think-pair-share opportunities. For the last partner share question, I asked the class if they would rather be the person who says mean words and tells others to give up or the person who encourages others and tells them to keep trying. After some partner discussion, I did a quick poll and thank goodness! Everyone wanted to be the encouraging person. :)

After we shared our reasons for our choice, I had the students write their reasons down to put on our concept-question board. Cute responses. :)

Ha, when this one was brought up during our class discussion I literally laughed out loud.
Aren't these children simply adorable????

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