Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five For Friday (Sat edition!)

I was out with some friends Friday night so didn't get a chance to post. So my Five for Friday will be on Sat instead! :P

1. Saw on some teacher blogs that Wednesday is Principal Appreciation Day. Google couldn't help me confirm it because it told me that Principal Day is May 1st. But I decided we should do something for our principal anyways! Why do we need a reason to appreciate someone anyways? So we created a class book appreciating our principal. I think this was the best one so I made it the last page in our book. Save the best for last, right? :)

2. We went on a field trip on Wednesday to go watch a play. The play, "Tomas and the Library Lady", was a biography of Tomas Rivera, a Chicano poet, author, and educator. The kids really enjoyed it! The play had a mixture of English and Spanish so it was an extra delight for my Spanish speakers. There were a couple of students there who were hearing impaired and had hearing implants. Not sure who arranged this, but there were two sign language translators there signing for those students. I thought that was simply wonderful! 

3. After our field trip we still had some time to spare so I had the kids do a free-write in their journals. May favorite journal entry by far. :)

4. Our Science unit on plants and animals is done. However, I saw this pretty awesome Science investigation at RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching). It's like a warehouse for teachers with a whole bunch of random things. They also create science and math kits that are already prepared and ready to use in class. This particular one is the Germinator. You can't really see it in the picture but there are radish seeds near the top portion of the paper towels. I'll have another post with more close up pictures later.

5. This is a little cheating but since I'm writing on a Saturday I guess it's okay? Tonight is our school's big school fundraiser! It's a 50 themes this time. I'm excited to see the parents go crazy with their bidding! :)

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