Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tell Me More Linky

The weekdays of spring break has passed which means it is time to start REALLY getting back into teacher mode. Of course, that also means getting back into blogging mode too. Maybe this week I will be way more productive and schedule some blog posts rather than simply waiting until the last minute to write them!

But for now...another linky party! Boy do I love linky parties! This one is hosted by Primary Possibilities.

PLAYLIST - I generally play a variety of classical music for my students while we are working. During workshop time (which is really just Daily 5), we listen to classical music. I have a variety of CDs I play. Sometimes I'll even use Pandora (except it's sort of a hassle to run back to the computer to mute it during advertisements while I'm working with a student). Sometimes when we are doing a writing assignment that requires some brainstorming, I will also play classical music. I tell my students that classical music helps our brain stay focused and work hard. My students are pretty cute about it. One time, when they were working on tangrams with their 5th grade buddies, one of my kids came up to me and asked if I could put on some classical music. Ha, adorbs.

HOWEVER, when the wiggles get to us and we need a little dance break, I put on some Greg and Steve.
Click on the image to see it on amazon! 
I highly recommend Greg and Steve cds! My class's favorite tracks on this cd are track 8 and track 10. It's perfect as a time filler, for indoor recess, and just a simple dance break!

PLANT - I LOVE flowers! One of my friends is planning her wedding right now and so I've been looking on pinterest at pictures of bouquets, centerpieces, anything flower related and aaah!!! So pretty!!! Getting flowers always brightens up my day! :) 

The only plants we keep in the classroom are plants we grow for our Science unit on plants and animals. During that time we grow mini lawns consisting of rye grass and alfafa and wheat. As an extension, my students are currently growing radish seeds in a cd case. 
 "Planting" time!

Can't remember when this was taken...sometime during the first week after "planting".

 Two weeks after "planting".

PRODUCT - I haven't made many products so there aren't many to choose from. However, I do have a best seller so I guess I can say that's my favorite. I also spent the most time on it too.

Click on the image to see it in my TpT store!
My favorite product created by someone else? As of this moment, I would have to say this..

Click on the image to see it on TpT!
This is perfect for "Work on Writing" during our Daily Five time. It's very straightforward and good practice for my kids. I highly recommend getting it if you haven't already! :)

What a fun linky party! Hope you all link up too! :)


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  1. Thanks for linking up. I have never heard of CD case planting before. I love it!!! I'm going to do it too!!